About Us

S & H was founded by Darren Smith and Tim Henzy as a boutique advisory firm whose sole purpose is to provide support to nonprofit organizations and for profit developers to plan, implement and complete their affordable development projects.  The Principals of the firm previously worked at an affordable housing consulting firm and a major financial institution. Their primary focus over the last eight years has been advising, financing and developing of affordable housing in New York, New Jersey, Florida, Texas, Chicago, California and Washington DC.

The firm concentrates its work in the following areas:

  • Structuring new construction
  • Acquisition rehabilitation
  • Mixed income
  • Component 1 and 2 RAD
  • Support services housing
  • Year 15 development projects to determine feasibility
  • Coordination and management of the development process
  • Securing debt and equity
  • Securing government financing and grants

Our goal

The firm’s goal when working with not-for-profit institutions and private developers is to represent the client with a high level of development experience and financial sophistication needed to attract financial institutions and allow the client to maximize the financial benefits of each project.  S & H has developed a proprietary model and brings the experience of its principals to give clients development resources and knowledge that are equal to or better than most experienced developers in the field.