We work with clients to examine project variables and match them with programs offered by lenders, investors and government agencies. S & H utilizes its sophisticated modeling techniques to prepare alternative scenarios to help clients, lender, investors and agencies evaluate the project’s feasibility.


After the client has decided to move forward with a project, S & H responsibility is to coordinate a seamless process for the client, lender, investor and agencies to close the transaction on time and within budget. S & H will maintain the financial modeling through the pre-construction process, negotiate terms and conditions with lenders and investors, and coordinate the closing process. It is S & H responsibility to file all necessary government applications for funding including applications for tax credits, bond financing and subordinate loans/grants.

S & H may also be responsible for advising on the hiring of development team members including lawyers, accountants, architects and contractor. S &H typically conducts weekly meetings and calls with development team members during the pre-construction phase to ensure progress with providing due diligence materials needed by the financial partners to close the transaction.


During construction, S & H will monitor requisitions to ensure the project is on time and on budget. S & H may also prepare monthly draw requests to lenders and investors for loan and equity advances during construction.


After completion of construction, S & H will work with the project accountants to complete documentation necessary to secure the 8609 from the appropriate tax credit agency. S & H will also oversee the process to convert the project to permanent financing and secure all remaining equity contributions.